Growing up as the youngest daughter to Italian immigrants who ran their own cleaning business, I spent many weekends and evenings in empty schools and office complexes, with picnics on school ovals as my parents cleaned, laughed and loved.

I look back to those days as the sparks that lit my passion for life, wellbeing, business and... picnics on the grass!

I learnt that we are the masters of our own destiny.
If we play the cards we are dealt with a sense of
adventure and self-worth, anything is possible... And it was this mentality that started me on a journey to live my purpose and spend my days helping others navigate theirs.

I have always loved a challenge and had a competitive edge, growing up in a family business I found myself working through all areas of the business from front office reception, to administration work and finally onto management of clients and staff, at our peak the family business employed over 350 staff, most from diverse multicultural backgrounds, here I learnt to love people watching and gained an in depth understanding around how people communicated and treated one another.

I first met my husband when I was fifteen years old, and I was married by the time I was nineteen, I have two beautiful children who I love and adore, we all share our passion for people, purpose and business and work together to create wellness and wealth products and learning programs.


 Our passion  for health and wellbeing has kept me on a wonderful journey of self-discovery, I have an auto immune condition called Ankylosing spondonitis that I have learnt to treat through healthy eating and regular exercise. I practice yoga and meditation daily and I love long walks in nature.

Over the past decade my business has evolved as the result of my own and my family’s individual experiences, our passion for learning and giving and surrounding myself with clients who are inspirational with contagious energy and love for life with imaginations to match.

Through live seminars, online programs, a best-selling book, meditations and oracle cards I have the privilege of helping people like you from around the world find their passion and purpose, and live a life of balance, establish a clear sense of focus and take deliberate and sustainable action.