Dr Susan McGinty

Executive Workplace and Business Coach

Susan brings over twenty years of experience in management and leadership in the public service and national security – where she is an experienced Executive Workplace and Business Coach – and the science, research and university sectors, where she has more than five years’ experience in adult education. Susan’s philosophy that an organisation only truly succeeds and achieve its goals through the empowerment and growth of its people drives her passion for coaching and leadership development. Susan partners with individuals and teams to develop strong managers and leaders and build resilient and successful organisations. Her engaging, energetic and adaptive approach delivers results.

Susan’s expertise is in Executive coaching, emotional resilience, organisational resilience, and the creative application of coaching principles and strategies to business outcomes. She has developed emotional resilience development programs for the community, education and corporate sectors; and developed and implemented corporate coaching programs within the public service which focus on middle manager and leadership development. In her Executive coaching, Susan assists individuals to mature their management and leadership skills and find solutions to challenges impeding their individual and business success. Susan has more than five years’ experience in adult education and mentoring in the university and research sectors.

Susan is a strong advocate of women in leadership and STEM, and organisational diversity and inclusion. She has a strong scientific and research background and extensive experience within Defence, national security and the public service.

Areas of Expertise

  • Emotional resilience development

  • Executive coaching

  • Workplace and business coaching, including organisational resilience and capability, and management and leadership development

  • Experience in Defence, National Security and Australian Public Service

  • Experience in university and research sectors

  • Bespoke program development for the Public Service and Community Service sectors

  • Women in leadership and STEM; Diversity and Inclusion


  • PhD (Medicinal and Organic Chemistry)

  • BMed Chem (Hons)

  • Certificate IV Workplace and Business Coaching

  • NLP Practitioner

  • WLA Advanced Leadership Program

  • Working With Vulnerable People Card

Professional Memberships

  • Chartered Chemist, Royal Australian Chemical Institute

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