Essential Skills for Managers

The program is a foundational leadership training that explores various competencies; these competencies can be selected as required to compliment other development opportunities and can be delivered as part of full day sessions or as a modular program.


Perceiving and understanding your own emotions and behaviour.

• Assists in understanding how your feelings impact decisions, behaviour and performance.

Awareness of Others

Perceiving and understanding others’ emotions and behaviour.

• Improve it to help you engage, respond to, motivate and connect with others.

Emotional Expression

Effectively expressing and understand your own emotions.

• Improve it to help colleagues understand you, and to build trust amongst staff.

• Improve it to enhance decision-making and increase buy-in to the decisions you make.

Human Centric Approach to Management of Others

Influencing others’ moods and emotions.

• Assists in reducing conflict, inspire productivity and performance and create a positive work environment.


Effectively managing your own state.

• Improve it to boost job satisfaction, better cope with demanding workloads and enhance productivity and performance.

Courageous Conversations

Having courageous conversations to address performance.

• Assists in developing the skills to facilitate courageous conversations.

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