Great Leaders Speak Last

This program will explore the impact and skills required to really listen, understand and motivate your people.

A journalist once asked Nelson Mandela how it is, he came to be such a great leader – and he said that when he was a kid, he remembered going to tribal meetings with his father. And he remembers two things: one, they would always sit in a circle, and two, his father would always be the last to speak.

This program has been designed to teach leaders and managers how to get the most out of their people through listening, understanding, and creating an environment of trust and respect. Often its difficult to get out of the way and give staff the opportunity to feel heard, seen and valued. This session assists in both understanding the impact and strategies required to incorporate this approach into your leadership repertoire.

Participants will:

Practice and fine tune their listening skills to really hear what is being said.


Use sensory acuity to better understand others


Learn the art of empathy


Improve self-awareness and awareness of others


Learn to incorporate questioning techniques to better understand and influence

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