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Lorraine Stokes

Organisational Psychology / Managing Performance

Lorraine’s journey has taken her from pool player to organisational psychologist. After several years of playing pool in clubs socially and competitively, she commenced a 13-year career with a large telecommunications company. After experiencing several major organisational restructures, she left the organisation with a strong desire to help individuals and organisations to better manage the challenges of change. Despite not completing high school, Lorraine gained entry to Griffith University and was awarded the Behavioural Science and Psychology Medals on completion of her undergraduate studies.

She went on to complete a PhD in Organisational Psychology, involving an indepth exploration of employee responses to large-scale change in a Queensland hospital and the implications of these for the organisation. 


Lorraine enjoys customising her interventions to meet the unique needs of each individual and organisation she works with. She is skilled at building relationships with, and balancing the at times competing demands between, multiple stakeholders to achieve win-win outcomes. She is described by colleagues and clients as articulate and insightful, and prides herself on a strong sense of integrity.

Areas of Expertise

  • 15 years experience providing organisational psychology consulting services to Queensland government departments

  • Over 700 hours of professional coaching experience (with front line supervisors, middle and senior managers)

  • Providing professional support to managers to assess and resolve HR matters (e.g. managing performance, interpersonal conflict, etc)

  • Individual counselling for work-related issues

  • Managing psychological injuries in the workplace

  • Individual coaching for personal and professional development

  • Restorative conflict resolution processes

  • Team assessments and facilitation

  • Organisational evaluation and review (e.g. stress, culture, communication)

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