Three Lenses to Decision Making

Often making a decision can be a stressful and timely process for managers and leaders. Being a leader requires the ability to make important decisions and the capacity to influence others’ decisions.

This program has been designed to help participants understand the impact of decision making, build the confidence to innovate make decisions and articulate their position. All too often decision making is pushed up the line because staff do not have the skill set, confidence, or autonomy to make decisions.

Regardless of the appetite for risk of your organisation this program will give you a three-stage approach to making decisions and understanding how to deliver the message and influence stakeholders.

Participants will:

Explore the three lenses of decision making – (short lens, reverse lens and wide lens)

Learn various methods to gather relevant data and the importance of weighing the evidence

Explore the perception of risk and its impact on choices

Improve their ability to forecast the outcomes of decisions

Learn how to recognise bias and the impact they have on decision making


Understand the role and impact of emotional reasoning in decision making


Learn strategies to deliver and communicate decisions

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