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Tony Davies

Leadership and Culture in Education

With almost 11 years of experience in the Education Sector, Tony possesses detailed knowledge and experience in diverse roles within Education. His experience as a Teacher, Head of Student Welfare and Vocational Education and Training Coordinator is a testament to his capacity to foster key leadership roles within Education to enable optimum outcomes. Tony is adept at managing and influencing all aspects of learning initiatives such as planning, coordination, development and implementation while prioritising work, time and resources in an efficient, effective and strategic manner.

Future-focused in his approach, Tony has the capacity to encourage a climate of excellence and innovation in the development and implementation of professional learning pathways for staff.

Areas of Expertise

  • Education Sector Specialist

  • Interpersonal Skills Development

  • Leadership Development and Business Outcomes

  • Fostering a healthy team and workplace culture

  • Strategic level business processes

  • Develop innovative solutions

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