Wellbeing & Resilience

One Day Program

Participants will explore their ideals and utilise the latest research
around wellbeing and neuroscience to develop a realistic and
sustainable action plan to address their individual needs.

This one day interactive and informative program has been designed to enhance the wellbeing of individuals as well as the wellbeing of the whole organisation by providing people with strategies and tools to better manage their energy levels, mindset and priorities.


The program is built around extensive research and explores the five drivers of wellbeing; Purpose, Mind, Body, Connection and Financial. These key areas are measurable through an online diagnostic (Adesso) which will give participants an overall rating for each of the drivers of wellbeing.

Participants will:

Explore and articulate what wellbeing means and the impact that it has on performance and engagement

Discover the kind of thinking habits and behaviours that impact wellbeing

Utilise the Adesso to measure current state and frame ideals

Explore the research and recommended strategies to manage individual wellbeing

Develop a wellbeing action plan