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A healthy workplace starts with a mutual commitment between employers and employees to invest in each other.


Without this commitment organisations may find themselves dealing with presenteeism, high staff turn-over and low levels of engagement.

Our job is to work with organisations to bridge the gap between employee engagement, workplace support and productivity based on leading research from around the globe.


The Impact to Your Business

According to an ABS study, 45% of Australians between the ages of 16-85 will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. It is estimated that untreated mental health conditions cost Australian workplaces approximately $10.9 billion per year. This comprises $4.7 billion in absenteeism, $6.1 billion in presenteeism and $146 million in compensation claims.

48% of people with mental health problems said they would not be comfortable talking to their employer and only 55% of employees believe their manager is concerned about their wellbeing.


from National Employee Mental Wellbeing Survey

The Good News

Organisations with strong organisational health (i.e. investment in quality people management) exhibit better service delivery performance.

The evolution of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

It is our mission to destigmatise the use of EAP services. Traditional Employee Assistance Programs have a utilisation rate of less than 5%, thus only reaching a few employees who raise their hand and ask for help. Our Contemporary Employee Assistance Programs embrace the digital experience and support 100% of employees proactively, so they stay healthy both at work and at home.

Traditional EAP

  • Reactive

  • Underutilised

  • Based on fragmented technology

  • Lack Privacy

  • Hard to access the right fit when it comes to the right coach or counsellor

  • Relevant to only a few employees

Modern EAP

  • Proactive

  • Well informed

  • Encourage high Participation

  • Have a broad professional network of coaches, counsellors and psychologists

  • Personalised from the first call through to delivery of services

  • A good fit

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