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Explore our suite of diagnostic tools to find out what we can do to help your workforce thrive.

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HBDI (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) identifies your preferred approach to emotional, analytical, structural, and strategic thinking as well as providing you with a visual representation of your preferred thinking and communicating style.

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Adesso helps individuals and organisations understand their current state of wellbeing, by providing a 360-degree view using our validated wellbeing framework and diagnostic tool.



Participants will explore beliefs, challenges and strategies for planning and facilitating difficult conversations utilising our AWKWARD framework.


The Art of Emotional Intelligence

An organisation which is emotionally intelligent have staff who are:

Motivated, productive, efficient, aligned with the business and committed.

They are effective, confident, likeable, happy and rewarded.



The 8 steps of the Real8 framework will provide participants with the skills to navigate common workplace issues, misconceptions and limitations and enable them to build genuine and collaborative relationships.


Wellbeing & Resilience for Leaders

This interactive and informative program has been designed for team leaders and managers to 'Fit their own oxygen masks first' in order to effectively lead and support others.


Leading with Heart

Recent studies have shown that leaders are not meeting employees’ basic human needs of finding purpose, connection & genuine happiness in their work. This one day program will equip leaders with the strategies and mindset to join the global movement and take a more people centric approach to achieving great results.


Resilient Teams

In our hyper connected world people are feeling more and more disconnected.
This one day interactive and transformational training has been designed for
teams who want to genuinely connect and take their results to the next level.


CPR - Managing Change

This interactive and transformational program will explore participants ability to adapt to change and is designed to provide the time and space for meaningful conversation, exploration and practical skill development.

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