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Our diverse suite of development training offers our clients the flexibility to choose an option that best fits their current organisational objectives.

Whether it is Leadership, Wellbeing, Resilience, Team Cohesion or Train the Trainer; we offer various options that aim to engage and motivate the training room. 

We also offer our clients the ability to customise and adapt a unique program based on our modular training system.


This gives an organisation the ability to directly tailor a program through partnership and collaboration to get the best results for their workforce.


Explore our suite of training programs to find out what we can do to help your workforce thrive.

This suite of programs explores the impact and skills required to communicate, listen, understand and motivate your peers.

• Understanding Perception & Bias

• Building Rapport

• Communication Styles

• Nonverbal Communication


• Eliminating Assumptions

• Effective Questioning Skills

• Mindful Listening

An organisation which is emotionally intelligent have staff who are motivated, productive, efficient, aligned with the business and committed.

• Demystifying Emotional Intelligence

• Managing Emotional Responses

• Understanding Empathy

Emotional Intelligence

• Emotional Reasoning

• Inspiring Performance

This suite of training has been designed to provide the opportunity for individuals to work on their confidence as well as nurture the confidence of others.

• Creating Confidence

• Understanding Imposter Syndrome

• Visualising Confidence

• Fake it Till You Become It

Creating Confidence

• A Degree of Confidence

• Confident Introverts

• Modelling Success

This suite of interactive and informative programs have been designed to enhance the wellbeing of individuals as well as the wellbeing of the whole organisation by providing people with strategies and tools to better manage their energy levels, mindset and priorities.

Defining Wellbeing

Adopting a Growth mindset

The Art of Mindfulness

Woop Your Success

Wellbeing and Resilience

• Adopting a Growth Mindset
Sleep Hacks
Body Hacks (Nutrition & Activity)

Adesso Framework and Diagnostic

Social Wellbeing hacks
• Financial Wellbeing Hacks
The Power of Focus

Participants will explore beliefs, challenges and strategies for planning and facilitating difficult conversations utilising Exhale People's AWKWARD framework.

Difficult Conversations
AWKWARD Conversations Framework
How to prepare for a Difficult Conversation

Difficult Conversations

How to Manage Emotions when having a Difficult Conversation
After the Conversation

This suite of programs explore various people leader competencies; these competencies can be selected as required to compliment other development opportunities or as a modular program.

The Contemporary Team Leader
Leading Virtual Teams
Building Functional Teams 
A Strengths-Based Approach
The Motivation Myth 
The Art of Delegation
Leading Resilient Teams
Managing Up

Skills for People Leaders

Situational Leadership
Your Responsibilities
The Wellbeing Conversation
The Mindful Leader
The Selfless Leaders
The Compassionate Leader
Energy to Lead


Cultivating Growth Mindset Teams
Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
Authentic & Transparent Leadership
Leading with Purpose
Leaders with EI
Ethical Leadership in the Digital Age
Inclusive Leadership

This suite of programs explore participants ability to adapt to change and is designed to provide the time and space for meaningful conversation, exploration and practical skill development.

• Understanding the Four Stages of Change
• Managing Yourself and Others Through Change
• Understanding the Innovation Curve


Leading Change

• Common Change Management Mistakes
• Leveraging the First Followers
• Communicating Change

This suite of programs will equip leaders with the strategies and mindset to be an effective leader and take a more people centric approach to achieving great results.

• What is Strategic Leadership
• The Three Strengths of a Strategic Leader
• The Three Horizons
• The Balcony and the Dance


Strategic Leadership

• Anticipation and Future Pacing
• Six Stages of Strategic Thinking
• Challenging the Norm

All great leaders understand the power of presenting - it is an essential skill that can be taught and learned.

• Top 10 Presentation Mistakes
• The 4 Mat Model
• Story Telling

Presentation Skills

• The Hero’s Journey
• How to Deliver a Keynote Presentation
• How to Facilitate Remote Sessions

This suite of programs explores the skills required to influence a conversation, negotiate a desired outcome and mediate any situation.

• The Language of Influence 
• Shifting Levels of Thinking
• Negotiation 
• Influencing Skills


Advanced Communication

• Conflict Management & Resolution
• The Seven Principles of Stakeholder Management
• Diplomacy
• Public relations



This suite of interactive and transformational training has been designed for
individuals and teams who want to genuinely connect and take their results to the next level through strategic collaboration.

• Effective Collaboration
• The Agile leaders
• Virtual Collaboration


Collaboration & Agility

• Collaborative teams
• Collaborative intelligence
• Lessons in Collaboration


This suite of programs takes the performance of leaders and managers to the next level.

Calibrating Your Response
Managing Under Performance
Driving High Performance


Managing & Driving Performance

High Performing Teams
Coaching Conversations
The GROW Model

Creating a workplace psychological safety program is crucial for fostering a healthy and productive work environment.

  • Understand what psychological safety is and why it matters at work.

  • Recognise signs of psychological safety issues.

  • Improve communication skills, including listening and giving feedback.

  • Learn conflict resolution and bias recognition

  • Know how to report problems and follow workplace policies.

  • Support diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts.

Team Psychosocial Training

Psychosocial training can be a valuable investment in the mental health and wellbeing of your staff. By providing training in stress management, communication, and relationship-building, your employees can experience a range of benefits, including increased resilience, improved job satisfaction, and enhanced productivity.

  • Develop effective coping strategies for managing stress and work-related challenges

  • Build stronger and more supportive relationships with colleagues and clients

  • Enhance emotional intelligence and communication skills

  • Improve self-awareness and overall sense of wellbeing

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