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Our people are experts in people.

Exhale People offer strategic and people development planning solutions for teams and organisations.


Culture Reviews

A supportive and strong culture can make all the difference to the engagement and productivity of your workforce. Sometimes it can be challenging to gain insight into the culture and nuances at play from within an organisation.


People Strategy

A People Strategy outlines the priorities for your people, and supports attraction, employee engagement, performance, productivity, and retention of your valuable employees. A People Strategy sets the benchmark and priorities for your organisation’s culture.


Psychological Safety Needs Analysis

How do you know how “psychologically safe” your organisation or team really are? Measuring psychological safety is complex, it’s imperative that it’s conducted sensitively, and important that it leads to visible outcomes.


Structure Reviews

When done well, a structure review can improve elements such as culture, communication, leadership, internal communication, governance, reporting lines, and internal processes. 


Strategic Planning &
Team Building Days

Strategic Planning is an essential activity for a high-functioning organisation or team, and when done with clarity and purpose, can ensure that your activities and resources are optimised for the best outcomes going forward. 


Training Needs

Before you put in place a training and development program, it’s important to understand your strategic goals, the required skills and knowledge you need to get there, what capability you currently have, and where there are gaps.


HR Policies and Procedures

At Exhale People, we can provide your organisation with advice and support in developing and integrating tailored policies and procedures into your every-day business, which are up-to-date and compliant. 


Wellbeing Audit
& Strategy

With employers’ obligations in relation to health and safety extending beyond physical safety to encompass psychological safety, the audit  and strategy provides a solid approach that reviews, validates and explores the organisation’s wellbeing culture. 


Exit Interviews

Staff turnover can come at a significant cost for organisations. For this reason, it can be really useful to understand, track and measure the reasons for staff departures and use this information to put in place future strategies to support employee retention and engagement.


Data Storytelling

Through data-storytelling, we support organisations to understand not
only the "what's so" in respect of their Staff Census results, but also
the "so what?" - what does this mean, what is driving these results, and
what can we do about it?


Psychosocial Audit

We provide organisations a thorough evaluation of current processes and policies related to psychosocial hazards, providing valuable insights to enhance workplace well-being and safety.

Let's Work Together

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