Our people are experts in people.

Exhale People offer strategic and people development planning solutions for teams and organisations.

People Partners

Our innovative approach to sustainability has led to the development of our consulting practice and our People Partners.
In the words of Albert Einstein “Insanity is doing the same things over again and expecting a different result”
All too often training and development programs fail to make long term impact and sustainable behaviour change - our focus on sustainability ensures that development and integration are both expected and measured as part of all learning and development initiatives. 


Partner Academy

Our specially trained and selected onsite People Partners will be embedded into your culture to assist leaders and mangers in planning, developing and implementing learning and development programs required to inspire performance.

The Exhale People partner academy not only provides the specialist training to ensure your People Partner understands your sector and the specific people nuances, we also have a proven system and approach that all of our People Partners are trained in.

These include proprietary diagnostics and world leading thinking and behavioural methodologies, frameworks and concepts. 

Human Resource Advisory

Our Human Resource Partners provide advice and support in the development and integration of policies and procedures.


Our approach ensures that your HR systems become a part of business practice and articulate behaviours and legislation in a way that makes sense to your people, and are readily accessible with real time impact on business operations.


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