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Exhale People

We’re led by a team who constantly reinvents the way companies provide people support around every turn


We’ve built a company we’re very proud of. From global brands to small businesses, we approach all our clients with the same energy, the same drive to get it right for their people. It’s a big part of who we are.

All three divisions of Exhale People has deep roots in Government, Adult Learning, Workplace Culture, HR and Wellbeing.

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Exhale People help teams and organisations improve their culture without having to invest years and money into ad hoc training.

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| Consulting

| Coaching

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As a leading provider of employee assistance programs and wellbeing training in Australia, it is the Urspace mission to support individuals and their families through life's challenges.

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Adesso is used to measure and articulate life preferences in individuals, developed on the basis of extensive research and expertise in the fields of neuro-science, learning and development, wellbeing and coaching methodology.

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