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Culture Reviews

A supportive and strong culture can make all the difference to the engagement and productivity of your workforce. Sometimes it can be challenging to gain insight into the culture and nuances at play from within an organisation.

We bring an objective perspective and expertise in organisational culture to identify the root cause of cultural issues through engaging with staff at all levels, identifying trends and themes, and considering appropriate recommendations to support a high-performing culture.


Key Features

Desktop Audit

The desktop audit will review existing cultural data (eg from staff Census or pulse surveys), resources and organisational documentation (eg values, team charters, people strategies, culture statements etc). This provides a benchmark for the current state of the workplace culture, as well as any existing culture frameworks the organisation has in place. From the desktop audit, we create a set of interview questions which will provide an understanding of the factors driving the culture.

Culture Interviews

Exhale People will conduct a series of confidential one-on-one culture interviews (or group sessions where appropriate) with staff at all levels of the organisation. This provides a deeper insight into the underlying factors which contribute to the organisation’s culture and lend a perspective across all levels as to what is driving the existing data. All interview information is de-identified and consolidated to ensure confidentiality.


Data gathered from the culture interview process is collated and analysed for themes, trends and key messaging. From this information we will assess the factors that contribute to the culture, both positively and where there are opportunities for further support.

Culture Report

At the end of the analysis phase, a report is presented to management that will present review findings and will aim to develop overall culture priorities and determine appropriate next steps moving forward. Exhale People can then work with management on a range of appropriate interventions to support the best culture for the organisation and workforce. 

Let's Work Together

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