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Data Storytelling

Data is key to an evidence-based understanding of culture.

For the APS, the annual APS Employee Census provides a wealth of information around the state and engagement of the workforce at the portfolio, organisation, division, branch and section levels. While extremely useful, it can be an overwhelming volume of information to absorb and utilise.

That’s where Exhale People can help. We are passionate about getting to know our clients’ workforce.


Through data-storytelling, we support organisations to understand not only the "what's so" in respect of their Staff Census results, but also the "so what?" - what does this mean, what is driving these results, and what can we do about it? In this way, we support organisations to target their interventions and resources in ways that really make a difference to things their people care about.

Measurable Improvements

  • employee engagement

  • leadership

  • wellbeing

  • communication

  • innovation

  • inclusion

Measurable Reductions

  • stress

  • burnout

  • workload

  • turnover

  • discrimination

  • bullying and harassment

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