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Exit Interviews

Staff turnover can come at a significant cost for organisations. For this reason, it can be really useful to understand, track and measure the reasons for staff departures and use this information to put in place future strategies to support employee retention and engagement.



Exhale People can partner with your organisation to conduct exit interviews for your departing employees. It can be helpful to work with an external provider to conduct exit interviews with departing employees. Engaging with an objective person from outside the organisation can reduce the emotion involved, is not involved in interpersonal relationships or organisational dynamics, and ultimately provides a higher level of honesty in responses.

Key Features

Design a Customised Exit Interview Questionnaire
We will consult with you to develop a set of exit interview questions which will ascertain the information that will be most helpful for the organisation moving forward, such as reasons for leaving, opportunities in their next role, and their perceptions of things like leadership and development opportunities.

Conducting the Exit Interview
In conducting the exit interview, we create a safe and comfortable environment for your departing employee, building rapport and connection before commencing the interview questions. This is important to ensure the employee is comfortable to honestly share their reasons for leaving and other relevant information. We ask the interview questions respectfully and listen actively to ensure the employee feels safe and comfortable.

Exit Interview Report
Following the Exit Interview, we provide you with a detailed report outlining the information gathered during the interview.


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