Karina Dugard

Government Sector / Leadership Specialist

Karina is an experienced coach with clients across the government, community and private sectors. She specialises in working with new and aspiring leaders to develop their leadership capability and to strategically manage their leadership careers. She is particularly interested in assisting organisations to develop their leadership pipeline and retain their high-performing staff through targeted coaching and career development. With a passion for helping others to be successful and fulfilled in their working lives, Karina works with clients to improve self-awareness, emotional intelligence, productivity, communication and resilience.

The strong interpersonal skills, curiosity and compassion that Karina brings to her work allow her to provide an insightful perspective and a focus on moving forward. Most importantly, Karina provides a safe yet challenging space for coaching counterparts to explore and learn. Through her engaging presence, Karina works with clients to identify their values, leverage their strengths and work through their barriers to implement positive changes in their leadership careers and their organisations.

Areas of Expertise

  • Organisational and leadership capability strategy development and delivery

  • Cross sector collaboration in delivery and evaluation of government programs

  • Working with diverse industry and research sectors

  • Business development and support for small business