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Organisational Structure Reviews

At times an organisation may need to undergo a review of its current structure and functions. This could be driven by factors such as a change in strategic priorities, critical roles becoming vacant, significant change to key leadership and direction, or external factors creating the need for new ways of doing things. 


When done well, a structure review can improve elements such as culture, communication, leadership, internal communication, governance, reporting lines, and internal processes. We work with organisations by bringing an objective perspective and strong expertise to support structure reviews, as it can be helpful to gain an external view and analysis. 

Key Features

Communication and Messaging
Reviews of organisational structure can create uncertainty and anxiety amongst staff when not communicated well, and they may question things like the security of their job, or the perception of their role and value within the organisation. We work with organisations to carefully craft the right messaging for staff to ensure that a review of organisational structure is appropriately communicated without creating unnecessary stress.


Desktop Audit
The desktop audit will review existing documentation such as strategic and operational plans, role descriptions, and team functions to gain an understanding of the strategic priorities of the organisation, and the existing workforce. The desktop also examines best-practice considerations for the relevant organisation’s sector, size and strategic direction. From the desktop audit, we develop a range of assumptions to test and a set of questions for use in the consultation process.


Exhale People will conduct a consultation process tailored to the organisation, and my include discussions with key stakeholders, one-on-one interviews with staff at all levels of the organisation, or focus group sessions if appropriate. This provides valuable data as to what is working well in the current structure, what is not working well, and what opportunities exist to create improvements in line with the goals of the review. This process tests our assumptions and validates best practice. All interview information is de-identified and consolidated to ensure confidentiality.


Data gathered from the consultation process is collated and analysed for themes, trends and key messaging. From this information we develop a range of draft findings and recommendations in relation to the organisational structure.

Structure Review Report

At the end of the analysis phase, a report is presented to management that includes review findings, recommendations in regards to the organisation’s structure, and determine appropriate next steps moving forward.

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