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People Strategy

Your people are the most important part of your business. To ensure they are supported in a way that helps them perform at their best for your organisation, a comprehensive People Strategy is critical to underpin your organisational and business outcomes.


A People Strategy outlines the priorities for your people, and supports attraction, employee engagement, performance, productivity, and retention of your valuable employees. Through focusing on things like values, inclusion, wellbeing, development and flexibility, a People Strategy sets the benchmark and priorities for your organisation’s culture.

Key Features

Preliminary Consultation and Desktop Audit
It’s essential that we develop a strong understanding of the organisational priorities, strategic direction and vision for its people through consulting with senior leadership and HR. It’s also important to understand the current state of play in the organisation – what’s working well, where there are potential gaps or opportunities for further focus. The desktop audit will review existing information such as strategic and operational plans, existing people plans/workforce plans/culture documentation, as well as horizon scan for best practice in the relevant industry.

Consultation & Communication 
For maximum buy-in from the people in the business and to generate enthusiasm, it’s important that we involve them in the development of the People Strategy. Comprehensive consultation will validate findings and assumptions from the initial research, highlight additional information and themes, and ensure that the appropriate priorities are addressed in the People Strategy. Exhale People will communicate and consult broadly across all levels of the organisation to capture ideas and feedback.

Information gathered from the research and consultation processes is collated and analysed for themes, trends and key messaging, to ensure that the key priorities and activities are distilled and articulated appropriately and are in support of overall business goals.

People Strategy

The final output is the development of a People Strategy for presentation to your organisation. This is a visually appealing, concise document that clearly articulates the organisation’s plans and priorities for its people. The People Strategy is finalised in collaboration with relevant stakeholders in the organisation.

Let's Work Together

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