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People Partner

Our specially trained and selected People Partners will be embedded into your culture to assist leaders and mangers in planning, developing and implementing learning and development programs required to inspire performance.

All of our People Partners are trained in proprietary diagnostics and world leading thinking and behavioural methodologies, frameworks and concepts. 

Illustrative Persona

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Qualifications + Specialties

  • Communication Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Creating Confidence

  • Difficult Conversations

  • Wellbeing and Resilience

  • Presentation Skills

  • Collaboration & Agility

  • Skills for People Leaders

  • Managing Performance

  • Leading Change

  • Strategic Leadership

Diagnostic Tools

  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)

  • Extended DISC

  • Genos Emotional Intelligence

  • 360 Degree Feedback

  • Adesso Wellbeing Survey

  • Myers–Briggs Type Indicator


  • Real experience in your sector

  • Held senior leadership positions

  • Managed large workflow + staff numbers


  • Honesty and integrity

  • Confidence

  • Inspire Others

  • Commitment and Passion

  • Good Communicator

  • Decision Making Capabilities

  • Accountability

  • Delegation and Empowerment

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Empathy

  • Resilience

  • Emotional Intelligence


  • Executive Coaching

  • Mediating

  • Culture Coaching

  • Performance Coaching

  • In Situ Coaching

  • Developmental Coaching

Pain Points Solved

  • Develop and implement learning strategies and programs that meet business needs

  • Evaluate organisational as well as individual employee development needs

  • Ensure alignment of learning & development department with business goals

  • Optimise training processes to improve ROI

  • Manage and procure L&D technologies to facilitate learning and management of learning initiatives

  • Design eLearning courses, interactive group training, and other training content

  • Implementing effective training methods

  • Provide real time coaching & mentoring

  • Championing and marketing training programs to get managerial buy-in as well as employee commitment

  • Provide support and insight to align training opportunities across the organisation.

  • Train inhouse facilitators & coaches

Let's Work Together

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