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Strategic Planning & Team Building Days

Strategic Planning is an essential activity for a high-functioning organisation or team, and when done with clarity and purpose, can ensure that your activities and resources are optimised for the best outcomes going forward. Sometimes the goal is less around planning, and more around team building, to facilitate close working relationships and collaboration among team members.


It can be helpful to work with an external facilitator during these sessions to support you in looking up and out, beyond the day-to-day work of the team. Exhale People can bring an objective perspective and will work closely with you to identify and achieve your key outcomes for the day.

Whether you’re an executive team looking to set the strategic direction, or a team wanting to enhance collaboration and strengths-based performance, we will work with you to design an engaging and productive day.

Key Features

Client Collaboration
Ahead of the planning or team building day, Exhale People will work closely with the team’s leadership to identify the desired outcomes and goals for the day. This is important to ensure that the time is best-spent, particularly given that a whole team or executive cohort will be taking time out for the day. We will then design with you an agenda for the day encompassing relevant activities and discussions, and assist in selecting a diagnostic tool if appropriate.


Diagnostic Tools
The optional use of an appropriate diagnostic tool can support self-awareness and awareness of others. This creates a higher functioning team and an environment where team members understand their strengths, preferences and the impact of their behaviour, and how to adapt for optimal collaboration and strengths-based performance. These tools can generally be debriefed with the team as a group, or individually in advance of the day. Examples of the diagnostic tools we can use to support your planning or team building day are:
•    Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) for Whole Brain Thinking
•    Adesso Profile for Team Wellbeing and Resilience 
•    Genos 360 for Emotional Intelligence
•    DiSC Personality Profiling


Running the Planning or Team Building Day
Exhale People will facilitate an engaging, interactive and purposeful strategic planning or team building day for your team. As an objective sounding board, we take a coaching approach to the conversations to ensure that discussions are strategic, targeted and insightful. We ensure that all voices are heard, keep the conversations on track, and keep the day’s outcomes front-of- mind.


Post-Engagement Report
It can be challenging for participants to keep track of all that is discussed during a planning day while actively participating in the conversations. Where required, Exhale People can provide a post-engagement report covering information such as:
•    Key points discussed during the day
•    Decisions made during the session
•    Action items and next steps
•    Recommendations going forward

Let's Work Together

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