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Susan Morrison

Facilitator and Education Specialist

With over 20 years of experience in the education sector (spanning both adult and childhood education), Susan possesses detailed knowledge and experience in relation to the learning environment.  Drawing on contemporary challenges, established educational theories and emerging practices,  Susan combines these to influence her own pedagogy and practice in the field of Adult Learning.  Susan is adept at managing and influencing all aspects of learning initiatives such as planning, coordination, development and implementation while prioritising work, time and resources in an efficient, effective and strategic manner.

Future-focused in her approach, Susan has the capacity to encourage a climate of excellence and innovation in the development and implementation of professional learning pathways for staff to ensure the development of high-quality teaching standards.

Susan has vast experience in various private and public sector roles in a facilitation, training and assessment context.  Susan’s experience span the banking, telecommunications and education sectors, and extends to the development, delivery and assessment of accredited training for both small and large RTOs across Australia.

Susan feels best rewarded when making a difference in the individual learning and development of others. It is this love of learning and desire to help develop others that allows Susan to consistently strive to provide quality experiences and interactions in the training room.

Areas of Expertise

  • Education Sector Specialist

  • Interpersonal Skills Development

  • Staff Wellbeing

  • Self-Care In Education

  • Fostering a healthy team and workplace culture

  • Strategic level business processes

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