Suzie Williams

Experienced Stress Management Specialist, Mindset and Wellbeing Coach, Dru Yoga teacher, Bowen NST Therapist

Suzie Williams has extensive experience and skills in various therapies to help people rediscover how to live happier lives, make better decisions, feel calm & content & enjoy being in their own bodies. 

She has experience in designing effective, personalised Stress Management programs utilising simple mind & body techniques to relieve physical & emotional stress in personal life & corporate/workplace. 

Suzie also has a personal coaching background where she helps transforms an individuals thinking, removes limiting beliefs & habits so they can live their life with freedom, passion & purpose. 


Suzie runs weekly Dru Yoga classes. Dru Yoga is an amazing tool of transformation, allowing all sorts of minds & bodies to become more aware, flexible, calm & relaxed. Watching faces & bodies totally change & soften from when the person first walks into class to when they leave is incredible! This has a ripple effect through all areas of their lives so they can respond rather than react to situations/people.

Areas of Expertise

  • Stress Management

  • Movement Specialist

  • Coaching

  • Dru Yoga